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Your friendly neighbourhood meal delivery!

UBC Eats delivers nutritious and delicious pre-made meals to your door. 

A meal for every taste.

We strive to provide a wide-range of meals that cater (sorry, bad pun) to all preferences and dietary restrictions, including gluten free, Halal, vegan and vegetarian. 

Order meals for the next month or week in under 5 minutes.

You've got enough on your plate (last pun, we promise), without having to worry about grocery shopping, prepping meals and cleaning up. We take pride in providing you with chef-prepared, nutritious, delicious and re-heatable meals. 

Eat healthy on a budget.  

With weekly meal plans as low as $12.99 / meal, we know you'll be saving money as well as time. 

We pay our staff so you don't have to (unlike the "other guys").

No hidden fees! You don't have to pay for delivery fees, service fees, and we won't accept any tips. We make sure we pay our team fair wages so you don't have to. 

We believe access to wholesome, nutritious food leads to improved health, happiness and academic success.

We are operated by UBC Food Services and are proud of our Food Values and Vision


Check out our FAQ page, send us an email at or give us a shout at 604-822-0680.

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Order by Wednesday for Monday deliveries. Order by Monday for Thursday deliveries.

To keep your food fresh, we can only deliver a max of three meals per delivery

Monday at 10AM
Monday at 2PM
Thursday at 10AM
Thursday at 2PM

Monday at 10AM
Monday at 2PM
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