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What extra precautions are you taking to ensure food is prepared in a manner that prevents the spread of COVID-19? All areas have additional cleaning protocols in place.  For example, all vehicles are cleaned after each use, and staff must complete a health check list each day prior to beginning of shift

What food safety measures do you take for people who have allergies? All allergen meals are prepared first. And surfaces are cleaned after each allergen-designated item is made.

How do you accommodate customers who have dietary restrictions or allergies. Through UBC Food Service's many years of delivering food and serving events, and our allergen trained staff, we can certainly accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. Just be as detailed and specific as possible when you place your order. 


Where do you source your ingredients? We prioritize purchasing ingredients from local producers in the Lower Mainland. We are proud partners with Feed BC - bringing B.C. food to public institutions, and UBC Food Services is the UBC Farm's largest customer! Learn more here.  

Do you use Halal certified meat? Our chicken and beef burgers are Halal certified.

Is there a best before date for the meals? Yes, all meals include this information. 

Is there reheating instructions? Yes, all meals include this information. 


What days and times can I have my food delivered? Monday and Thursday from 10AM - 11AM, 2PM - 3PM, or 6PM - 7PM. 

How quickly will I receive my meals after placing my order? You will receive your meals in two to three business days. 

Where do you deliver? UBC Campus and the University Neighbourhood Association.

Do I need to be home to accept my delivery? Yes, you do. We need to make sure you're there to receive your meals. :) 

Can I skip a delivery? Yes but we need two days notice.

Will my meals be delivered to my door? Yes, unless your building restricts deliveries

How will I be contacted when the food arrives? Our driver will contact you by text, be sure to enter your phone number correctly when you please your order. Deliveries will be made within a 30 minute window of the delivery time requested.

How does the food come delivered? All of our meals come pre-made and chilled, with reheating instructions for meals that should be warmed up before eating.   

Do I have to pay for delivery fees? No, UBC Eats does not charge any additional fees. Life’s complicated, so let’s keep it simple.

Is tipping recommended? We like to pay our staff a living wage and great benefits so tipping is not necessary. 

If I live off campus am I eligible for deliveries? We deliver to the UBC campus and UNA. 

Do you do pick up? At this time, we do not offer pick up. Check back though!


What payment methods do you accept? Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and UBC Card. We also accept Food Services Gift Cards!

Do you accept the UBC card plan? Yes we do, just include your UBC Card number and we’ll take care of the rest


Is your packaging sustainable? In alignment with the UBC Zero Waste Food Strategy, we offer only Recyclable containers and compostable cutlery. 

Are your food practices environmentally friendly? We only use recyclable and compostable items, locally grown and produced food, Ocean Wise seafood and FairTrade coffee and tea. We are focused on mitigating waste and a partner of UBC Zero Waste Action Plan

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Why choose UBC Eats over take out or other meal delivery options? We are very local – let’s say 3KM radius? We employ UBC Staff and support the University. If you do not like fees, we’re the subscription plan for you. We provide a healthy and affordable option for your meals! 

How does UBC Eats work? Just pick a plan, pay and sit back and we’ll delivery healthy meals to your door.

What’s included in each delivery? A healthy and affordable meal and some compostable bamboo cutlery if you’d like.

How much does UBC Eats Cost? Meal subscriptions range depending on how many you order but meals start at $12.99 and no delivery/service fees.


What type of food plans do you provide? We offer 4, 5 or 6 meals a week, both as a weekly OR monthly purchase. The more you order the cheaper your meals are!

Do you have a subscription option?  We do! Life's busy enough. If you subscribe we'll make sure you don't miss out on a week of ready-to-eat meals. You can cancel at anytime!


Can I get a refund if something is wrong? We want to make sure that you're completely happy with your meals. So if you're not, let us know and we'll make sure to compensate you accordingly.


What if my meal was incorrect? Contact us and we’ll fix that.

I have more questions, who can I contact? Call 604-822-0680 or send us an email at  – we’d be happy to chat.

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